Testing Squarespace iOS App functionality

Single photos can be easily inserted, as can video clips, since they have to be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube. There is no gallery insertion function via the App, which is a pity. Nor are there any options to change the standard linear layout. This is definitely a shortfall when compared to Wordspace Apps. 

You watching me?

You watching me?

Google changes search ranking criteria on April 21, 2015.

Is your website mobile ready? If not it will not appear in Google search ranking. Google is stating that all websites must automatically adapt to a mobile friendly format, rather than be designed specifically for mobile devices. Mobile specific sites have the format m.website.com. Although normally a sub domain of the master site, in this example website.com, Google creates two indexes and often do not know which version to show the user. More details may be found at:-


Google provides a tool at the above link to test if your website meets their needs.

Obvious question is how do my two sites, this one on Squarespace and the other on GoDaddy using Wordpress and a Photocrati purchased theme do on the test?


Squarespace website tested for mobile friendly suitability.  

Squarespace website tested for mobile friendly suitability.  

Wordpress/Photcrati/GoDaddy combination

Wordpress/Photocrati/GoDaddy combination is not Google mobile friendly.  

Wordpress/Photocrati/GoDaddy combination is not Google mobile friendly.  

So there you have it. The quick solution for me is to stick with Squarespace and abandon the "other site". 

The future of GPMoorePhoto.com

For many years I've used the name GPMoorePhoto as a twitter handle and Wordpress website. I like Wordpress, the template, even my hosting company, although it does seem slower these days. 

I have many favorite posts on GPMoorePhoto.com, ones that tell of the evolution of my work and travels. It covers everything. Therein lies the problem. It has people, special projects, my favorite Alaska expeditions, some writing about interesting people and grizzly bears I've met and although it has generated some image use enquiries, it really does my business, the business of creating images of people in places they love, people doing things they're passionate about, no real benefit. But I can't give it up.

If I could, I'd have two sites. This one, the people one, where images are clean and crisp and reasonably fast to load and another for special projects, perhaps travel in the same humanitarian vein as roles models Jeremy Cowart and Colby Brown. But I can't do that on Wordpress, the upkeep effort is distracting from the photography process.

So look out for some changes, and some cross linking as GPMoorePhoto.com focuses on special projects, landscapes, humanitarian travel and GeoffMoorePhoto.com becomes the home of people who love where they are and what they are doing.



Winestone, Chestnut Hill

I recently had the opportunity to work with Patrick, owner of Winestone, a compact but well appointed wine store off Route 9 in Chestnut Hill, MA, and his staff.

The client is in the process of updating their website and wanted to showcase the store's unique wines display system, weekly tastings and confident, friendly and engaging staff. 

I began by reviewing the existing website, picking out specific terms that told their "story" and then shared ideas to illustrate them. We set an initial two hour limit for set up and photography, since the store opened at 10 a.m. and became busy with customers around 12 p.m. In the event the session ran over by a full hour, however, we did take headshots of five staff, action images pouring and sampling wine, customer engagement and of course general display of food and wine at the tasting.

Flexibility in set ups became key, since staff arrived at different times during the photo session, which called for fast light rigging using Elinchrom Quadra Ranger portable lights fitted with a 39" Deep Rotalux Octabox light modifier in between more general store shots. Cheetah light stands, unique in their automatic small footprint when moving them, helped in navigating through wines displays. 

Throughout the session the knowledge, enthusiasm and pride in the work of Patrick and his staff shone through and I look forward to seeing the custom images replace stock photos on Winestone website and marketing materials. 

Winestone owner Patrick sets up a fine wine tasting at his store.

Site goes live

So excited to announce that my Squarespace site www.geoffmoorephoto.com is now live. Check it out and let me know how it works for you.

It's a giant leap for me. 

Carl Donohue of Expeditions Alaska on Malaspina Glacier, AK

Actually that's my friend Carl making the leap after an energy boosting meal on the Malaspina Glacier in Wrangell Saint Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska.

Why I changed to Squarespace

Up to this point in my photographic and writing career I've used Wordpress hosted by Bluehost and GoDaddy. Each hosting company has its merits, but I need  to simplify the process to create more time for creative work behind the camera and in processing images.

the best thing I’ve seen all week
The inverse of my my new logo

The inverse of my my new logo

Wordpress is a powerful program with a host of plugin options and does an amazing job in fine tuning content. However, it requires near constant attention, including spam filtering at additional cost, with frequent code update and backups required.

Posting images or text requires some familiarity with HTML, an archaic web language, and the publishing interface is non intuitive. Images display slowly and certainly on my site (which I freely admit I created using a purchased template) do not display particularly well. All this takes time away from making images and consequently the Wordpress site became stale. With amazing images to show, the tendency is towards posting on social media or not at all for copyright retention reasons. 

The world's best place for yoga is on a mountain

I'm looking to avoid these issues and so far have created this site with minimal reference to online guides or videos. I'm sure I'll get deeper in the weeds as time goes on, but so far I'm impressed. 

Stay tuned for updates and definitely contact me if you're thinking of creating a website for your images or you want to be part of them.  We can make the journey together.