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Why I changed to Squarespace

Up to this point in my photographic and writing career I've used Wordpress hosted by Bluehost and GoDaddy. Each hosting company has its merits, but I need  to simplify the process to create more time for creative work behind the camera and in processing images.

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The inverse of my my new logo

The inverse of my my new logo

Wordpress is a powerful program with a host of plugin options and does an amazing job in fine tuning content. However, it requires near constant attention, including spam filtering at additional cost, with frequent code update and backups required.

Posting images or text requires some familiarity with HTML, an archaic web language, and the publishing interface is non intuitive. Images display slowly and certainly on my site (which I freely admit I created using a purchased template) do not display particularly well. All this takes time away from making images and consequently the Wordpress site became stale. With amazing images to show, the tendency is towards posting on social media or not at all for copyright retention reasons. 

The world's best place for yoga is on a mountain

I'm looking to avoid these issues and so far have created this site with minimal reference to online guides or videos. I'm sure I'll get deeper in the weeds as time goes on, but so far I'm impressed. 

Stay tuned for updates and definitely contact me if you're thinking of creating a website for your images or you want to be part of them.  We can make the journey together.